Where kids become inventors! Patent kits delivered monthly.

$5.99/month. Pause or cancel anytime.

Every month we publish a new Invention Guide and Patent Kit then deliver it to your door. No more $25+ monthly subscription boxes—we created Wild Patents to make subscription packages for kids more accessible.

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Based on Amazon's product development process, Wild Patents is an enrichment program for kids who want to learn how to build the future 🚀

Problem Statements

We teach kids how to think, not what to think.

Invention Guides

We guide kids to create their own products and inventions.

Get a Patent

We give kids a "patent" to put their inventions on display.

Every month we deliver a new patent kit to your door and link to a digital breakdown. Each kit comes with an "invention guide" and a physical and digital patent. Wild Patents also integrates into other STEM programs & subscription boxes in the market.

Accessibility & Solving for the Unknown...

Other programs have step-by-step instructions with predefined outcomes; we changed the model to solve for the unknown. Our program applies the product development processes found at tech companies like Amazon, Roku, Shopify, and turned it into a simple program for kids. We hope to inspire the next generation of builders and entrepreneurs. Best for ages 6 and up.

We match sponsors with kids of families who may not be able to afford subscriptions. You can pre-pay for a one year subscription and we find a kid who wants to be an inventor!


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Kits include: Invention Guide, Patent, Gold Seal Sticker, Digital Patent, Product Stickers, Business Cards and ideas to launch your own #startup. And of course, codes that link to a video breakdown and online resources for each kit.

Wild Patents Instagram
Wild Patents Instagram
Wild Patents Instagram
Wild Patents Instagram
Wild Patents Instagram
Wild Patents Instagram
Wild Patents Instagram
Wild Patents Instagram

Every month you can share an invention and your patent!

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